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WorkDesk is Nigeria's first of its kind Freelance Marketplace for everyone enabling the power of collaboration with technology and smarter work experience for members in the context of affordability,convenience and excellent services. It enables buyers to find suitable service providers (sellers) that perform mostly intangible/digital services - called micro-Jobs (mJobs). Then browse the micro-job (mJob) services and select the one that best meet their needs, communicate and get work done quickly. Whether you want to make extra income while keeping your full time job, or you are an employee who has just been laid off, or a business owner looking to accomplish a task quickly and affordably, you should be here on WorkDesk.

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    WorkDesk provides you an advanced search & filter options. It allows you to search by keyword, filter by categories and tags. With only a single click, you can find what you wants.

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    After finding related services (mJobs), you can view sellers' profile providing you with details about their biography & all their mJobs. Then, select the suitable one meeting your requirements.

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    Order what you want. Also, you can order the extra service or send a custom order to get thing done effectively. After purchasing mJobs, you can keep track on progress on the order detail page.