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    WorkDesk search need not be complicated. It provides you an advanced search & filter options that let you search by keyword, filter by categories and tags. It is very efficient, when you know what you want. Ideally, a simple WorkDesk search will give you exactly the results you need.

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    After finding related services, you can view profile and biography of the service providers, and the services they provide and feedback. Then, select and hire the one with the qualifications required to meet your specific needs and let's get to work..

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    WorkDesk covers work extensively, from building and sustaining a remote workforce to bridging the gap between distributed workers. You have everything you need to get work done, fast and affordably and keep track of work progress in real time.

What is


WorkDesk™ is Nigeria's first of its kind Freelance Marketplace for everyone enabling the power of collaboration with technology and smarter work experience for members in the context of affordability,convenience and excellent services. It enables buyers to find suitable service providers (sellers) that perform mostly intangible/digital services - called micro-Jobs (mJobs). Then browse the micro-job (mJob) services and select the one that best meet their needs, communicate and get work done quickly. Whether you want to make extra income while keeping your full time job, or you are an employee who has just been laid off, or a business owner looking to accomplish a task quickly and affordably, you should be here on WorkDesk.

Interact with other professionals

WorkDesk is not just a marketplace but also a professional networking platform that allows you to connect with your future and current clients, improve interaction with coworkers to enhance your professional life and productivity. WorkDesk has the world's greatest creative talents and connects you with talented people who will be willing to have your job done, fast and affordably.

Collaborate on a project

Using the right online collaboration tools can make teams stronger. In practice, WorkDesk collaboration tools give you a place to express yourself, joke around, and get to know one another on a personal level, too. WorkDesk facilitates teamwork and team cohesion, and that leads to greater productivity.

WorkDesk for your Smartphone

Always on the go? No worries, we've got you covered! Our mobile apps - WorkDesk™ apps is a FREE downloadable mobile apps for popular mobile devices, including Apple iOS, and Android devices designed to combine best-in-class technology, business support and services that provides the most secure, convenient, simplest, easiest and professional shopping experience and collaboration in real time.

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what our users say

I started out on WorkDesk like joke! Yeah, I thought it was too good to be true until when I got my first assignment (Article Writing) from an awsome client; the job was done promptly and delivery was seamless on WorkDesk. Infact, I'm working on WorkDesk full-time now.

Bridget Osarobo

Expert SEO Copywriter

We are very successful web designers and our success of building a great distributed team and working with clients from around the world is attributed to WorkDesk. I encourage you to check the platform out and you will be glad you did.

Abdul Ahmed

Web Designer

Our WorkDesk Pros are simply the best hires we've made since we started our business and we have everything we need to grow our business successfully on WorkDesk. I highly recommend WorkDesk for both freelancers and companies.

Philip Okonkwo

Founder & CEO, - InTouch Ltd.

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