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How Do Payments Work?

Buyers pay in advance then payment is released to seller once the order is complete and accepted by Buyer

What is the acceptable currency on’s main acceptable currency is Nigerian Naira. However, orders can be made in USA Dollar, Euro and Sterling Pound in equivalent amount by using the system’s real time currency converter.

Which are the payment withdrawal options on allows you to withdraw your payment using PayPal, or via Bank account.

How much does charge on each sale? charges between 5%, and 20% of sale as commission depending on the level (Top Rated Seller, Level Two, Level One, and New Seller) of the Seller/Freelancer in the marketplace

Are there Payment Processing Fees?

Yes, there is a 5% fee when you check out with your preferred payment gateway

Are there charges when withdrawing from

No, there is a 0% fee when you transfer your earning to your preferred bank account or payment merchant

After how long can I withdraw my earnings after delivering the project to the buyer?

You can withdraw money 7days  after the order is marked as completed. In other words, when you make a sale, the money from that sale has to sit in your balance for at least 7 days.

Is my payment safe?

Your payment is 100% safe with escrow and will not be released unless Buyer is satisfied with the seller’s deliverable

How do I view my revenue balance?

You can view your revenue balance on the Dashboard page under Revenue

Revenue statues include:

Working: This is money from active (In progress) orders

Available: This is money available for withdrawal

Pending: This is money pending clearance which you have received for your services

Withdrawn: This is money you have withdrawn to date.

Spent: This is money you have used to order mJob Services

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